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House cleaning etiquette
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dim. sept. 27 2020, 02:29
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House cleaning etiquette
Cleaning the house is one of the daily chores that every woman performs so that it remains clean and tidy every day, and although many leave cleaning the house every week or every month, but this is one of the fatal mistakes that every housewife makes, as the cleaning task becomes more difficult and will take longer. So, today, we will learn about house-cleaning etiquette to keep it shiny and attractive every day.
House cleaning etiquette
Get rid of dust
This step is one of the most important steps in the etiquette of cleaning the house, so you should remove the dust from the whole house through the duster of dust, without using water or any other liquid material, otherwise the dust removal process will become tiring, and then wipe the place with a clean piece From cloth soaked in warm water.

Water spray and baking soda
After you have got rid of the accumulated dust, add a teaspoon of baking soda to a can of water spray, and spray the spray randomly in the room, so that all the suspended dust in the air falls on the ground.

House cleaning etiquette

Switch curtains and bed sheets
Change room curtains on a weekly basis, as for bed sheets, change them daily or day after day.

Dirt Solvents
Don't use dirt solvents to clean surfaces, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Room tidying
If there are things that you do not need, fill them in a large box, and put the box in a place so that when you need it, you can use what is in it.

Glass and mirrors
Use two microfiber cloths, one to wet it with water, and the second to let it dry to polish mirrors and glass surfaces around the house. Or, you can use a cloth dampened with newspaper to avoid any traces on the surfaces.
Use a mop to wipe the entire floors of the house, and if there are stains, etc., we recommend that you use brushes for cleaning, and then use the mop.

Sweeping the house
Finally, after you finish cleaning everything, vacuum the house until you get rid of any stuck dust.
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