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Why are solar panels becoming more and more popular
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mer. févr. 24 2021, 07:14
solar panel
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With the continuous development of photovoltaic power generation industry, solar energy has become more and more well known. But at the same time, due to the dominant position of photovoltaic power plants in the industry, people's impression of solar power generation is gradually close to photovoltaic panels. Almost a mention of solar energy, people's mind is a row of photovoltaic panels composed of power stations. But in fact, in addition to photovoltaic power plants, solar power has a variety of applications, and related products have been blooming for a long time. It can be said that based on the solar energy "as long as the sun can generate electricity" characteristics, as well as the current huge demand for electric energy in human life, the future solar power products will enter people's daily life.

In fact, the opportunity of solar power generation products in the civil market has appeared, and many companies and enterprises have begun to layout and expand. Ten years ago, the price of solar panels was still very expensive, which cost dozens of yuan per watt. Now, it has dropped to a few yuan per watt, which provides opportunities for the development of solar power generation in the field of daily necessities. In the past ten years, wemble technology has been committed to the application of solar power generation to people's daily life. At present, we have seen market opportunities emerging.

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